DTL Enters their 7TH Dance Session! Can you believe it??

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We can hardly believe it ourselves!!  Dance Through Life opened its doors in September 2009.  Paula had the vision to create a warm and welcoming studio for adults from beginner to advanced and that vision came true!  Paula explains that, “you are never too old to dance.  If you want to dance – then dance!”.  There were a lack of studios in the city that welcomed adults of all ages, sizes and shapes.  This is where DTL comes in!  We want you whether you are coordinated, uncoordinated, have danced a lot in your life or have never danced before.  Dancing is incredible not only for the mind but for the body!  It reduces stress and builds strength and helps with flexibility.

We want YOU to come in this Fall and give it a shot!  Find out how much dancing can add to your life.

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