Beginner Plus Clogging!

What is Clogging?  Unlike Canadian Step Dancing, Clogging is a truly an American dance form that began in the Appalachian Mountains and now enjoys widespread popularity throughout the United States and around the world.

As the Appalachians were settled in the mid 1700’s by the Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch-Germans, the folk dances of each area met and began to combine in an impromptu foot-tapping style, the beginning of clog dancing as we know it today.

This style of dance can be accompanied by traditional fiddle and bluegrass music OR it can be accompanied by country, pop or even rock music!   We will be EXPLORING ALL genres of music in this class.  It is recommended that you have some previous dance experience to take this class.

This will be a continuation class so we will be progressing ahead with material already taught.  New people are ALWAYS welcome!  Anyone joining will be catching up.  This is NOT FROM SCRATCH. 

CLOGGING IS LOWER IMPACT!  You heard that right….clog dancing can be done by folks well into their 80’s and beyond.  Clogging still using percussion (clog dance shoes or tap shoes) but it is much LOWER IMPACT than Canadian Step Dancing.  It is also very achievable for folks with NO dance experience needed to clog dance.  Sure…it does take coordination and rhythm but adults tend to find it easier to catch on to than Canadian Step Dancing or Irish Dance.

It is both great body and mind work without a lot of jumping or hopping.  You can even clog without tap shoes if you wish.

Instructor: Paula Bickford
What to wear: Comfortable clothes and bring water.  Tap shoes or clogging shoes.  OR a low heeled dress shoe.  Running shoes tend to “stick to the floor” so I don’t recommend that.


SPRING 2024 SESSION – 8 Weeks – $148.00
LOCATION: Evergreen Community Spaces 1709 8 Ave NE

Beginner Plus Clogging Class Time:  Wednesdays 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Class Dates:  April 10, 17, 14, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Classroom:  Grand Oak Ballroom

Register by PAYPAL – email money transfer ( or over the phone by credit card 403-921-9757.