See what our students have to say about Dance Through Life

It was January 2013 when I found Dance Through Life!!   I looked through all of the classes offered, there were many to choose from, and decided on Canadian Step dancing.   I talked to Paula about signing up, she was wonderfully helpful, and I was at the next beginner class.  I have not looked back!  I am now in level 3 Step and I still love it!  We are constantly learning new steps, I had no idea there could be so many, and apparently we are just at the tip of the iceberg.

In the middle of all this world travel, Jazz was offered!  I can’t even remember exactly when, because I was so excited for it!  When I was young, jazz was the one class I always wanted to take.  I signed up immediately!  After a few classes, Jazz was now tied with Step as my favorite!  This class was dynamic and active!  So much fun!  I felt like I was 16 again.  I just can’t say enough great things about it or the studio!

Besides getting into great physical shape, I noticed my brain was also getting into shape.  I could focus better on single tasks, my memory seemed sharper, I also wasn’t tired all the time. So this year I decided to add on another class.  This newest Dance addition?  Hip Hop!! Crazy, I know!!  I don’t even listen to hip hop, nor do I know anything about it, but I had to try.  The brain thing.    Hip Hop is so much fun!  The music just makes you want to move!  In this class I have been learning the history of Hip Hop through dance and music.  What could be better?

Another class I added this season, Ballet Barre.  It is not a dance class but we use dance (ballet) inspired moves to stretch and strengthen our bodies.  Oh my do we ever!  Ever wonder why ballerina’s look the way they do?  Check out this class.

I just can’t say enough about Dance Through Life, they have saved my life, and if you have any doubts about joining any of the classes held at this studio, get rid of them. All of the instructors at the studio are amazing, knowledgeable patient women.   This is a fantastic open environment, where learning to dance is fun!  Besides all of the benefits I have mentioned, I have also made many wonderful friends over the years!

Thanks Paula and everyone at Dance Through Life!!



Dance Through Life has become not only a staple in my life, but also the highlight of my week. I continually look forward to my classes every week; eager to learn new dance moves, expand my dance knowledge & be challenged by the instructor and fellow dancers. I also find that the owner & instructors of Dance Through Life are very caring, personable & interested in me as a student/customer. I am always greeted with a smile and the instructors take a vested interest in my thoughts, progress & ideas. I also cherish the fact that the instructors work with each students experience level. The atmosphere is guaranteed to brighten up anybody’s day. The fitness and health that you gain from taking classes at Dance Through Life is worth it in itself. I would recommend Dance Through Life to each and every person looking to add some fun to their schedule or even looking for a change.


What can I say?!! I have been dancing at DTL for little over a year now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
What brought me here? What keeps me coming? Why I recommend the studio to everyone I know? … PAULA!!!!!!
I am a 50+ former Figure Skater/coach who hung up the Blades to open a retail business in Calgary. I was missing the camaraderie and exercise and creativity at the rink but didn’t have the time to commit to skating . Along comes Ms Paula Callihoo and her DTL studio.

Paula is an energetic, enthusiastic Dance Coach who is passionate about dance, fitness, and life balance. She understands that not all of us have a dance background and encourages all of us to “dance through life” .

DTL offers a great variety of dance disciplines and fitness classes . Who doesn’t want to expose our ” inner” ballerina, or sexy burlesque queen!! At DTL we all get to experiment with classes and discover hidden desires and talents.

Paula chooses her dance Instructors carefully and I can see that they all share her vision of providing the space and the tools to keep adults dancing, no matter what age! Yes you can be a beginner Burlesque dancer at 70 or a Hip Hopper at 50! What about a 40 year old Ballerina? Or a 20 something African dancer! Dance through life has given me the opportunity to get fit, be creative, and “let it all hang out” with out any insecurities or hesitation.
DTL has become part of my daily routine and I absolutely hate missing a class!
Paula has a “diamond” and although I hate to share my secret…. Everyone should give DTL a try ’cause one class and you will be hooked !!!!


I am a 40ish year old single mom of two, with very little time that I am able to dedicate to myself. Joining up with Dance Through Life has allowed me to do just that…. Dance Through Life!. It is what I like to call my happy place. The instructors give you so much encouragement and help that the learning how to dance comes easily.


I’ve been training at Dance Through Life for the past two years. Vanessa teaches a hip-hop class that is fast paced, energetic and a lot of fun. In Vanessa’s lyrical class, she is very good at providing additional pointers to help students refine their technique. I’ve been impressed with the quality of instruction at Dance Through Life, as each instructor creates a positive and encouraging environment for students to reach their potential!