Questions and Answers

I have no previous dance experience. Can I still find classes to suit me?
YES! You don’t require any previous dance experience to take classes at Dance Through Life. We encourage everyone to come out and try a class. We offer many different styles of classes as well as different levels. Talk to Paula first to see what might be your best fit.
What do I wear to classes?
All you need is comfortable clothes you can move in and a bottle of water. Your instructor will discuss what type of footwear is required. Most classes only need INDOOR running shoes or barefeet. (Outdoor runners are not allowed as we want to keep the floors clean for everyone)
I have had some previous dance experience. How do I know if I should join a Level 1 or Level 2 Class?
Paula would be happy to talk to you about what level might suit you best. You are always welcome to come out and try a class first to see if it is the right fit. If the class is too easy or too hard, you can always move up or down a level.
What happens if I miss a class?
We understand that people are going to miss classes time to time – life is busy. You are welcome to miss up any classes by taking the same class at a different time or by trying a new style. (Classes must be made up during the same semester)
How long will it take me to catch on to a new style of dance?
If you take a class that is brand new to you, it typically takes an entire 12 week session to really “catch on” to the style. Dancing (like most things) does take time and persistance if you wish to improve and learn proper technique.
Can Men take classes at Dance Through Life?
Absolutely! Men are welcome to take any of our classes!!
Will dancing get me in shape and help me lose weight?
Dancing can get you in great shape if you attend regularly and combine your exercise will a balanced diet. Dancing is a great way to improve core strenght, balance and general well-being. Different classes offer different physical benefits depending on intensity.
How do I register?
You can register on-line using Secure PayPal. Or, you can fax or email ( Paula a registration form to save your spot. Payment can be taken in person at the studio.