Karen Iwanski

Karen Iwanski has committed her life to the love of dance and fitness.  Karen comes to Dance Through Life with 40 years of instructing dance and fitness.  She began her dance career in Toronto and continued after travelling and moving to Calgary.  She has performed extensively in both dance and theatre productions throughout her dancing/acting life.

Karen is formally trained in Ballet, Tap and Jazz and has spent many years studying many types of dance including the art of Flamenco—studying in Spain.  She not only teaches many types of dance but is a Personal Trainer and obtained her degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto, and holds certifications in many types of fitness classes in land and water.  Karen has taught in dance and fitness studios in Toronto, Calgary and Hamburg Germany, teaching from 3yrs to Seniors.

She has spent over 35 years as a choreographer, dancer and performer for many local dance and theatre companies in Toronto and Calgary including Morpheus Theatre,  Front Row Centre Players Society and Cappucino Musical Theatre to name a few.

Karen is also involved with MYNT DANCE PRODUCTIONS with Paula B. where they perform many different styles of dance at different venues around Calgary and surrounding area.  They have been honoured to perform at Lougheed House, Gerlitz Ranch, The Roadhouse and for many large corporate events.

Karen believes in the empowerment and joy dance brings to our lives.

Never stop dancing—Dance Through Your Life